Trade Marks Domains Drawings 

related to earth moving machinery

Or, fitting in to other areas.

PR nr. 523923 .nu





PRV. nr 544565 rolfs-rolls. com .se

PRV nr. 629170 rokkarotor. com  .dk .fi .se. .uk



PRV nr. 630489 ro-2-or com .se


PRV nr. 628807 diggermans-tiltarotor .com .se

tiltarotor .com. se .ch .de .dk .es .fi .fr. it nl. 


PRV nr. 630627

flowsnapper .com .se .se

PRV nr. 629469 rokknroll. com .se .uk


Domains for sale;

rokknroll .com .se .uk .nu  .se

rokkaroller com .se

rokkarotor .com  .dk .fi .se .uk

rotorokk .com .se .se

oilsnapper .com .se .se

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Products, TM and domains

Rolf Mannbro +46 70 200 222 9

If you already are in production with excavator attachments or about to start up one.

For sale:

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Since early eightees. Fast and powerfull tiltrotators. Always with Twin Drive High torque motors and integrated disc brakes similar to  excavator swing constructions.